Home Support

Our extensive range of solutions and
services for your home include:

  • Supply, installations and on-going support of hardware and software - desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads, printers etc
  • Home network installations -  local - remote - wireless
  • Internet / broadband - configurations / installations
  • Data recovery from crashed and corrupt hard disks
  • Data transfer from one computer to another
  • Virus and spyware removal and prevention
  • Tuition and help with common software programmes such as Microsoft Office, Explorer, Outlook, Filemaker Pro and MYOB
  • Trouble shooting and problem solving
  • Upgrades

Data Recovery

If you've lost data (photos, documents, emails etc) because of hardware faults, viruses, or scams, we have a good record of recovering these. This includes memory sticks as well as external or back-up drives and hard drives in your computer.

Note that recovery cannot be guaranteed and in a small number of cases only partial or no recovery is possible.

We can also advise on methods of reducing such potential disasters.

Virus Removal

Unfortunately viruses are now very common and new ones are constantly being developed. Using and maintaining appropriate anti-virus software will reduce the risk of being infected. In the event that your computer does become infected, we are able to remove the infection, and more importantly repair any damage resulting from the viruses.

Some viruses can be slow-acting and you may not notice their presence until the damage (slow speed, internet access problems etc) becomes apparent.

Our technical staff can also advise you how best to reduce your risk of future viruses.


We can establish a comprehensive range of communication facilities including:

  • VPN to your home 
  • Terminal services to access your home computer
  • Remote security monitoring
  • Email from anywhere